New: OptiMate 3 Global battery charger

50% lighter and 33% more powerful than previous model

OPTIMATE has produced over two million battery chargers since 1995 and the OptiMate 3 Global is the latest iteration.

Weighing 0.4kg, it's 50% lighter than the previous model and 33% more powerful, with a new higher output of 0.8A.

Fully sealed in a weatherproof case, the OptiMate 3 Global can recover batteries from as low as two volts.

OptiMate says the charger automatically performs hourly tests, maintaining the battery with a float charge of up to 800mA. It also diagnoses and breaks down sulphation, a process that can reduce battery performance.

Safety features include spark suppression, automatic shut-down if short-circuited and no risk of overcharging, according to the British firm.

The OptiMate 3 Global costs £49.99 and works from mains electricity around the world thanks to its wide range input.

Two and four bank options are also available for £99.99 and £195 respectively.