New: AGV PistaGP helmet

Rossi's Project 46 helmet detailed

AGV have revolutionised the design method behind helmets, taking it to a new level with the PistaGP.

Valentino Rossi played a pivotal role in the development behind the helmet. The process began with the Italian helmet makers using a laser to scan the MotoGP riders head, and moving away from the traditional process of starting with the outer shell and working inwards, AGV designed the helmet from the inside out.

As the helmet was perfectly tailored for Rossi's head, he revealed: "I am very happy with the PistaGP, it feels like I am not wearing a helmet. Its aerodynamics have increased, with excellent ventilation and exaggerated visibility, like switching from the TV to the cinema.”

The UK price has yet to be announced.

Technical highlights as released by AGV are:

  • The residual impact force transmitted to the head is reduced by 36% compared to the limit established by ECE regulations.
  • The HIC indexis 48% below the limit established by ECE regulations.
  • The basic visor movement areahas been reduced by 71% compared to the GP-Tech helmet. This allows use of the space saved to increase the thickness of the absorption material, benefitting safety.
  • The visor is Class 1 optical standard approved for excellent vision.
  • The field of vision is 15° wider and the overall visor window area has increased by 9% compared to the previous helmet, without compromising its level of protection.
  • The Z-Lift index has been reduced by 44% after wind tunnel tests.
  • The air intakes have almost tripled in size, whereas the entire ventilation system of the PistaGP helmet removes heat and moisture very efficiently. Thepaddinghas a 3D concave structure, which is pre-shaped according to the morphological characteristics of the head, while the surfaces in direct contact with the head are free from stitching for guaranteed comfort.
  • The fit of the PistaGP helmet, covered by three patents, provides an extraordinary high level of comfort and adaptability to different shapes, unknown up to now.