New: Dainese launch D-Air Street

D-Air Street available as a waistcoat or a Gore-Tex jacket

Dainese has launched the new D-Air Street, which will be released at the end of May. The D-Air Street was developed on the back of the racing suit and is aimed at road-use. The airbag system will be available as a waistcoat or in a Gore-Tex jacket, priced at £1029.98 and £1699.98 respectively.

Here's what Dainese has to say about the D-Air Street:

Dainese has used the knowledge gained during the development of the D-air Racing suit to produce the D-air Street. Both versions use an internal airbag and both are completely wireless, with no connection to the motorcycle, however the difference between the two systems is vast. While in the racing version the system is fitted into the hump of the suit, the D-air Street has two components. The airbag and deployment facilities are fitted in the jacket and the mechanics of the whole system are fitted to the motorcycle. D-air Street features a fall sensor that is physically connected to a display unit on the bikes dash. This shows the rider system information, including when the device is connected, the battery life and information about the pillion’s system, if they are wearing one.

D-air Street is designed to protect the spine in conjunction with a back protector, limit movement of the neck whilst rolling and to protect the upper abdomen and chest. The unit automatically switches on when the ignition is started, and communicates with the airbag via a two-way radio link. Once activated, the M-Kit detects the airbag and the connection is signalled to the rider on the display. The system is set to identify head on collisions with a 45-degree angle impact or a slide, once trigged the airbag is deployed within 45millieseconds protecting the wearer.

D-air Street will be available from the end of May in two garment styles, an outer waistcoat and a Gore-tex jacket. As well as the airbag system both garments include a fitted back protector and the jacket also features removable shoulder and elbow protection. Standard features also include removable thermal liners, outside pockets and adjustable waistbands.

The M-Kit D-air Street is priced at £389.99 *

D-air Street Waistcoat is available in sizes 40/60 and priced at £639.99

D-air Street Gore-Tex is available in sizes 44/60 and priced at £1,309.99

*The M-Kit is sold separately and is required in order for the whole system to work, and cannot be used without this component.