New: AGV Pista GP Soleluna

Limited edition design for 2013

New: AGV Pista GP Soleluna

Rossi fans will be pleased to hear that there's a new sun and moon replica helmet from AGV. Less pleasing will be the price, as the limited edition carbon fibre 'SOLELUNA 2013' Pista GP costs £999.99. Still, that price should guarantee some exclusivity.

Here's the skinny from MotoDirect:

This limited edition faithfully reproduces the graphics on Valentino's 2013 race helmet (except for other sponsor's logos, visor components and accessories). The Pista GP is a very aggressive helmet that can be recognised instantly from the stands with dashes of fluorescent colours that highlight the number 46 on either side of the chin guard. The Sun and the Moon symbols on either side of the champion's head both represent good fortune and have been a constant presence since his debut in the World Championship Series.

This stunning new graphic, designed as usual by the legendary Aldo Drudi, has the long rays of the Sun at the front in yellow. This is Valentino's favourite colour as it symbolises energy. The rays at the back mingle with an electric blue moon. Sunny and whimsical, like Valentino's character.

Between the colour areas, the carbon fibre shell, which makes the helmet so very light, peeks out. The Pista GP is a hyper-technological, ultralight racing helmet (M size weighs 1275g). Exactly as a helmet designed for sports and track use should be. The width of the field of vision, weight and small dimensions, improved ventilation, the exclusive ergonomic design and the category leading aerodynamic characteristics set new standards of performance.

Designed with AGV EXTREME STANDARDS the outer shell is made entirely of layered carbon fibre available in 4 sizes, this is combined with a complex multi-density inner EPS lining and a unique seamless comfort lining design that enable the helmet to be perfectly fitted to the rider, by means of adjusting the head lining both in shape and pitch on the rider head. The design is intended to cut to the minimum any interference with the racing suit and protective hump and to optimise safety even at high speed. The spoiler has been designed to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet The visor component area has been drastically reduced and this allows the space saved to be used to increase the thickness of the impact absorption material with all the safety benefits that brings. The 3.3mm flat racing visor can easily be removed, as can the washable inner components. The visor is Pinlock ready and the helmet comes with a Pinlock, a pack of tear offs and a set of earplugs in the box.

Hand made in Italy and built with protection of the environment in mind: the Pista GP is designed and made in Italy by highly qualified craftsmen using the very latest technology. Waterjets are used to cut the carbon fibre shells, the painting system uses eco-compatible water based paints and a dust suppression/residue treatment system is in operation throughout the entire factory.

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