Used: REV'IT Jerez gloves review

A relationship that ended before it really got going

I really rate REV'IT kit. We get a lot of kit through the door here at Visordown HQ and REV'IT stuff always looks great and is always finished to a good standard. It is quite pricey though.

The REV'IT Jerez gloves are their top of the range sports gloves and cost £199 new. I got them just over a year ago for track use. I am really fussy when it comes to sportsbike gloves for track work. I don't spend too much time worrying about protection, I just want a glove with loads of feel.

These Jerez gloves fit the bill; the palms and fingers are really soft and thin enough to offer plenty of feel but there is one aspect that made them hard to live with.

They're well built with double stitching in areas where they're likely to suffer abrasion but they were stiff as a board and took forever to break in. We're talking a good 10 outings on track. Once I'd got past the extended breaking in period, they were spot-on but 6 months later, they've let me down.

The stiching at the tip of the left thumb has let go, as shown in the picture on the right. The give glove manufacturers credit, it must be so hard to make a glove that fits absolutely everyone's hands especially a pair that are probably designed around the midget hands of a MotoGP racer. My thumb is right at the end of this glove and so pushes at the stitching and I do tweak the thumb first to loosen the glove when it comes to getting them off.

But I shouldn't be making excuses for a glove that's busted after 12 months.

They're going under the girlfriend's sewing machine before the stitching completely unpicks itself and I genuinely hope that saves them, as they're otherwise great gloves with no other signs of wear and tear and apart from the thumb stitching, they appears to be getting better with age.

Let's see what the sewing machine can do.

Model: REV'It Jerez gloves

Price: £199, found online for £166