Motorcycle commuter clothing for every budget

Three price ranges of motorcycle gear suitable for commuting

Good quality, safe kit doesn't have to be expensive. Unless you want it to be. Here we've showcased three sets of kit in for three different price ranges, from budget to affordable and desirable.

But what are the fundamentals of commuting gear? With the British climate being what it is, your motorcycle clothing needs to be waterproof and breathable. It needs to be safe, comfortable and built to last too.

Our Budget category features the absolute in no frills motorcycle gear. However this didn't mean that the products were lacking in the specifications department. The next category was an affordable line-up, featuring name brands with a few extra frills. Finally, there is the up most in desirable commuting gear on the market; the most advanced kit that comes at a price.

Budget commuter gear


Price: £49.99 - £44.99

People typically consult the question of ‘how much is a head worth?’ when browsing for a new helmet, and for less than £50 lids like the Box BX-1 are usually shunned by the motorcycling massive for something far more expensive. But this doesn’t mean that Mr £500-head can scoff at the budget helmet as the BX-1 offers sufficient cranium protection from its lightweight synthetic shell, scoring a commendable four stars in the SHARP tests. The lining isn’t removable but as it's on the cheap the comfort is decent with plush padding. The helmet is fastened by a buckle strap that clasps into place. The BX-1 is priced at £49.99 for the design featured here, coming in red, black, pink and blue or £44.99 for the plain colours of black, matte black, white or silver.

JACKET: Pro Sports Speed Blouson
Price: £19.99

The Speed Blouson comes from the budget range offered by Hein Gericke. Put simply this jacket is an absolute bargain at only £19.99 and as expected the spec list isn’t brimming with TPU-moulded armour this-and-that – it doesn’t actually have any, the only protection comes from safe stitch seams. Solving the missing armour can be fixed by unfortunately dipping into your wallet and getting some CE-approved inserts (RST offer elbow and back for a tenner a set) for which the Speed Blouson has pockets. However, what you do get for your twenty is a “water-repellent” exterior, a thermal lining, a Velcro waist adjuster and four pockets. So there is a downside in the omitted protection, but in the end it’s a budget jacket and buying your own armour it still comes to just £40.

TROUSERS: Hein Gericke Air 3 Coldblack

At £47.99 Hein Gericke’s Air 3 trousers are reasonable and functional. They feature Coldblack technology; where the textile is treated reducing a heat build-up from UV rays. Constructed from a tough abrasion resistant textile protection-wise the trousers have SAFE stitch seams, the knees are supported with a doubling of the polyester material and CE-approved HIPROTEC armour from the German clothing company and with additional compartments in the hips with PE foam. Ventilation comes through mesh panels that are spread over the legs, on the thighs and at the back of the knees. There is a matching jacket that combines to the Air 3 Coldblack through an all-round connecting zip, this is priced at £69.99 and includes many of the same features as the trousers.

GLOVES: Weise City

Weise’s waterproof City gloves are great value for money priced at £19.99, constructed from nylon the City keeps the rain and wind out whilst remaining comfortably breathable. Alongside the breathable inner liner is an additional polar fleece glove for when the temperature drops. Although a good idea, really the only to get the glove on-and-off is by having the inner-glove separate from the outer - a bit of a fuss when in a rush. The City is fastened by an elasticated band and an adjustable Velcro strap. Also at the cuff is an adjustable pull cord and toggle to keep the gloves snug to your forearm and stop water from sneaking in. For a better grip on the handlebars the City features a rubber palm.

BOOTS: Spada Glide WP

This shorty boot from Spada uses leather with a waterproof and breathable membrane in its construction, making it an ideal boot for the changeable weather conditions expected of the UK. The Glide WP comes with an RRP of £54.95 and feature moulded polyurethane plastic to the toe and heel for fixed protection. Being a short boot, they aren't as cumbersome as full-length motorcycle footwear and are secured to the foot with a zip and a Velcro closure.

Overall Total = £192.91

Affordable commuter gear


HELMET: Shark Vision-R
Price: £289.99 - £229.99

When the Vision-R was launched Shark bragged about the wide aperture through the visor, offering a panoramic view of the road ahead. How Shark gave the Vision-R improved peripheral vision was through increasing the visor’s size by 25% vertically and 10% horizontally. For the touring market the new helmet from Shark weights 1450g and manufactured from multi-axial fibres. Along with having the largest field of vision in the full-face market, other visor attributes include an internal sun visor, an auto-seal system; for better soundproofing and less draft, pre-treatment for anti-mist and an anti-fog system - where the visor can be opened slightly to allow demisting. Also featured are removable ‘Easy-Fit’ pads giving room for glasses and a compartment for Shark’s Bluetooth system. The Vision-R has some nice designs, including the vintage Le Mans racer style featured here.

£189.99 & £159.99

REV’IT are an emerging brand that have grown to be a viable alternative against the sought after labels in motorcycling. The Tornado jacket and trousers are built for all seasons with ventilation for the warm months and waterproofing for when the weather turns sour. The textile jacket and trousers are constructed out of mesh panels and abrasion resistant fabric with further protection coming from the CE-approved Knox Flexiform armour at the vital areas and appendages of the body. Carried over on both the upper and lower of the Tornado is a 2-in-1 detachable liner, providing a layer that can be removed and easily reattached depending on weather conditions. The jacket and trousers also come in black.

GLOVES: Spada X-Stream WP

The X-Stream WP from Spada is a waterproof sports gloves for £41.95 but with all the features expected of something double the cost. The glove features a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane and a full-grain leather outer. The X-Stream WP has double leather overlays to the palm with armoured inserts and an in-built leather scaphoid defender. As the gloves are more sports orientated they have pre-curved fingers and Spada’s own ‘extreme grip’. One final touch is an in-built visor wipe.

BOOTS: Alpinestars Hydro Sport Drystar

The £159.95 Hydro Sport is an example of Alpinestars’ build quality with the boots featuring elements that would be found on pricier items from the Italian firm. They’re capable of dealing with all weather conditions through a waterproof and breathable liner combined with integrated ventilation. Safety is ensured through shin plates to defend from impact and the ankles, toes and heel are supported with protection cups. The boots are designed to be comfortable on-and-off the bike due to an anatomical foot bed and inner padding. The Hydro Sport is also available with a fluorescent yellow for those looking for high visibility.

Overall Total = £847.87

Desirable commuter gear


HELMET: Schuberth SR1
£599.99 - £499.99

The Schuberth SR1 is more of a racing helmet, the range-topping helmet from the German manufacturer was developed in conjunction with Michael Schumacher during his sabbatical as a bike racer. The helmet was built with aerodynamics in mind, with testing and design conducted in the wind tunnel, leading Schuberth to boast of the SR1s stablity. The shell is constructed of a special glass fibre with new technology utilised to keep the weight down to 1350g. What Schubeth are calling, the helmet's "aeroacoustics" mean that the SR1 has been made to have a reduced noise level with a supposed 88dB at 60mph.

£999.99 & £729.99

For the serious wedge of cash for Rukka Arma-S combo, they feel bullet-proof and have the attributes to survive a hardcore adventure – let alone a commute. Throughout the upper and lower of the Arma-S they are equipped with CE-approved RVP ‘air protectors’ with the Gore-Tex laminate shell met with Kevlar and Cordura, along with tear and abrasion resistant fabric. Rather than an ordinary zip, the jacket is fastened together with a Gore Lockout keeping the top watertight and the trousers notable ability is Rukka’s AirCushion in the seating area for supreme comfort. The jacket and the trousers both feature a detachable thermal lining, with the jacket also featuring countless ventilation zips and an impressive array of pockets – three inside and four out. The jacket is available in black or with hi-viz sections and the trousers only in black.

GLOVES: Knox Zero OutDry

Knox’s venture into gloves has taken hand protection to futuristic levels, from the specialist scaphoid armour to the funky BOA fastening system. What is special about the Zero is the new OutDry system. How this works is by taking the existing method of creating waterproof gloves by inserting a membrane between the outer shell and inner lining, but slightly altering this through a patented lamination process that bonds the waterproof and breathable membrane directly to the external element of the glove’s shell, therefore creating a body that seals the stitching and stops any water entry.

BOOTS: Daytona Evo Sports GTX

Daytona boots are renowned for being made up of the two separate parts; an inner-boot and the outer boot. The Evo Sports GTX is the watertight and breathable extension to the infamous race boot. The major departure of the Evo Sports GTX from the regular sports boot is the addition of Gore-Tex to the inner, but keeping the robust plastic and non-twisting hard shell with hinged joints. The outer shoe is made up of calf nappa leather with protection to the shinbone with padding inside. The sole is sneaker-like with its rounded heels, but reinforced internally for protection, allowing the foot to gently roll on the pegs. Unlike its more expensive dry weather brother the Evo Sports GTX is sold as one with the inner and outer shoe for £569.99.

Grand Total = £3029.95