R&G announces cheaper engine case cover kits

Official parts prices are on the rise...

R&G Racing has reacted to the rising cost of official motorcycle parts from manufacturers by creating money saving packages on its Engine Case Covers.

As a reaction to the parts price rise, the crash protection leader has created a kit package on its Engine Case Covers (ECC) – offering an overall saving of more than 10% when compared to buying the items individually. The ECCs are designed to protect the engine cases and the inner workings of the motor in the event of a drop by acting as a sturdy ‘second skin’.

By simply bolting over the original items, fitting the durable Engine Case Covers doesn’t require draining any engine fluids or replacing gaskets. Extensively developed in the ACU R&G Racing Suzuki GSX-R600 Trophy, as well as being tested and approved by the California Superbike School in the UK and USA, the covers can allow a bike to be ridden after a crash or prevent terminal engine damage from oil leaks or casing punctures.

Protection benefits aside, financial savings for riders are evident by looking at official parts prices; to replace only the clutch cover on a Suzuki GSX-R1000K7 would cost £206 including a new gasket, but all three R&G Engine Case Covers for this bike cost only £143. A genuine 2008 Honda CBR600RR R/H engine cover costs £180, but a complete R&G protective kit is only £129.

R&G International Sales Director, Simon Hughes, said: ‘The rising cost of spares is inevitable and, at R&G, we’re continually developing new and existing products in order to protect our customers’ motorcycles and therefore save them money. The Engine Case Covers offer riders many advantages; not only are they extremely durable and simple to fit, they also blend in with the bike and can make the difference between a machine being able to be ridden home after a spill or even prevent it from being written-off.’

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