Moovamoto leaves traditional paddock stands...well, standing

New paddock stand design includes four wheels for increased maneuverability

Traditional paddock stands are not called ‘stands’ for nothing. Every bike owner that’s used one knows how difficult and frustrating it can be trying to work on, move or store the bike once it’s on a typical stand.

The unique 4 wheeled design of Moovamoto means it does everything a traditional paddock stand does, but gives the added flexibility to easily move the bike in any/all directions, with the rear wheel off the ground or even with the rear wheel removed. It makes any work on the bike so much easier.

The best ideas are often the simplest, as Renntec’s chief engineer explains: "The ergonomic design of Moovamoto also means that it can be easily be used single handedly with the choice of bobbin hooks or under swing arm cup fixings and will work for pretty much every type of bike, big or small. Moovamoto is perfect for use in the home garage, professional workshop or full racing paddock environments. We firmly believe Moovamoto will soon make traditional paddock stands redundant."

Visit to see for yourself. Moovamoto has been priced at £99.50 rrp including VAT and bobbin hooks/swing arm cups.

In addition to Moovamoto, Renntec currently manufacture over 400 ‘bolt on’ bike upgrade products including sports racks, grab rails, luggage carriers, engine crash bars and handlebars. See them all at