Speed Triple gets new boots

Bridgestone's latest sport touring tyre the BT023 now fitted

Since the spark plug incident last month resulting in the premature demise of the factory fitted Metzlers, I’ve had to find some new rubber for the Speed Triple.

With the Triumph’s punchy engine Commuting 1800 miles a month on motorways and city roads, I need something that will cover decent miles but also be up for some frequent country lane antics.

With the BT023’s Bridgestone claim longer life with solid wet weather performance for touring riders whilst satisfying the demands of the keen sport bike riders.

First impressions are they give great feed back and certainly feel solid and smooth into, through and on exiting corners. They do make the Triple quite slow to turn, requiring a little more counter steer effort to get the bike to roll over. Overall they feel great and I’m keen to see how many miles the rear will do under fairly enthusiastic daily riding.

Will keep you posted, hoping to get around 7k