Lovely new R1 cans from Harris

Brand new slip-on silencers and a carbon composite heat shield for the Yamaha R1

Harris Performance has just unveiled their new slip-on silencers and carbon composite heat shield for the 2009/10 Yamaha R1.

Made to the usual Harris standards the cans are created from stainless steel and titanium. The silencers have fully removable baffles helping your R1 to breathe more easily and produce a fruity exhaust note.

The silencers are supposed to work without re-mapping but we’d strongly recommend a date with dyno centre if you want to achieve the optimum performance.  

Priced at £599 including VAT for the silencers and carbon composite heat shield. The silencers, alone, cost £499 including VAT. The carbon composite heat shield is available separately for £119.99 including VAT.

For further information contact Harris Performance on 01992 532501 or visit