Spyke Totems - waterproof boots(?)

A pair of Spyke Totems just arrived for testing over winter

I'm yet to own a pair of boots that whilst claim to be waterproof...actually are.

These are the latest sport-touring boots from Spyke that feature a breathable and waterproof aquasafe membrane.

The fit is pretty snug but I'm sure after a few steps they'll feel more comfortable on my feet. Even though they are waterproof boots they have a more sport orientated appearance and they have the protective features to match this, with sturdy armour to the ankle and Achilles to boost wet-weather riding confidence.

Now that the summer sun is leaving us for another dreary winter, for the good of all motorcyclists I am prepared to put the Spyke boots through their paces, in conjunction with the wet weather.

The boots retail at £229 and are available from The Key Collection.