Suzuki Long termers: Al's GSX gets a GPR can

GPR end can for 2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 tested

New GPR end can bolted onto our Suzuki GSX-S750

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We are, at heart, scummy old 1990s Gixxer boys here at VD Towers (well, except Laura, obvs). So the first thing we want to do when we get a new bike is to throw the stock silencer into a skip, like a petulant toddler throwing its broccoli at the cat. We know the manufacturers would love to fit slick, light, loud cans, but the laws stop all that, so we get stuck with the big old iron lungs on the side there. The GSX pipe isn’t the worst by any means, but it’s still pretty hefty, and not the prettiest thing on the bike.

So, a quick call to our chums at GPR Exhausts (https://www.gpr-motorcycle-exhausts.co.uk), and we got a slip-on can in the post. It’s one of the firm’s GPE Carbonox units, with a slick carbon-look outer metal sleeve, stainless link pipe, and comes with two removable baffles, plus all the clamps and bracketry needed.

Now, the GSX-S end can is one of the easiest we’ve ever changed. Literally 13 minutes according to the times on the digital camera files from start to finish, with two bolts holding it on, and two bolts (and two springs) to refit the GPR pipe. And that included the time taken to weigh both cans on the scales.

So – laughably easy to fit, and we get a 2kg weight saving straight away. The sound is instantly better, even with one of the decibel killers in place. There’s a funny sort of perforated dunce’s cap which goes into the link pipe if we need more silencing – and in the past, we’ve actually ended up with even more power with it in place on some bikes. We’ll do some experimenting at the dyno shop when we get along there for the power gain checks.

In the meantime, the GPR can sounds far better, looks sharper, and has dropped 2kg in no time at all. Very decent indeed considering the price tag – just £309. More from the dyno shop asap.