First impressions: Shoei VFX-WR off-road lid

First impressions: Shoei VFX-WR off-road lid

We test Shoei's latest off-road offering...

THE WORST thing about having a boyfriend with a small head isn’t that he looks ridiculous in any kind of formal jacket.

Oh no, it’s far worse than that. The fact that Leo’s diminutive coconut fits into the same size helmet as me means that any new lid I get is, by default, also his.

So when Shoei’s new £549.99 VFX-WR arrived it wasn’t long until it found its way into his greasy mitts.

And I’ve struggled to prise it away from him since. So who better to give their first impressions than the lid nicker himself.

Here’s what he thinks:

“Having recently got into off-roading, I wasn’t sure what to expect of a motocross-style helmet.

“The VFX-WR was a pleasant surprise, however. It’s light (1300g with the peak fitted), comfortable and offers an excellent field of view. It took a while to get used to wearing goggles rather than a visor, but thankfully it fits a variety of different pairs comfortably.

“In a size S, the helmet uses the smallest of four shell sizes, so it’s actually far more compact than I had imagined, and coupled with the aggressive, aerodynamic design, is a very cool package indeed. Although, prospective buyers be warned it does comes up larger than Shoei’s street helmets, so I would recommend trying it on with your goggles before buying.

“The comfortable lining is removable, and while I haven’t washed it yet, I imagine Laura will want to before she next wears it.

“Although that said, thanks to extensive ventilation, including a number of intake vents on the front of the lid, and some on the back of the helmet to let the hot air out, my head hasn’t seemed to sweat much at all while riding. I’m looking forward to putting this truly to the test at the BMW GS Challenge next month… (I've been wearing it on my F800GS in preparation) 

“I love the bold design of the Zinger TC-10 colour scheme and the mat finish, which has stood up to the elements, and the occasional errant branch well so far.

“It’s a very techy lid – a lot of which is arguably not necessary for my current skill level – and the safety features are second to none.

“The shell is constructed of ‘AIM+’, which comprises layers of multi-composite and high performance organic fibre for optimum rigidity and high levels of shock-absorbency. Also offering excellent shock-absorbing tendencies is Shoei’s three-piece EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner, while the M.E.D.S (Motion Energy Distribution System) adds an additional layer of EPS on the scalp to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in an accident.

“Although, I haven’t yet tested any of this shock absorbency yet and don’t plan on doing so either!

“In my opinion £550 is very expensive for an off-road helmet, given that it doesn’t feature a visor, nor the sound deadening technology of road helmets.

“Brands including Fox and HJC offer budget options from as little as £80, and while they may not come close to matching the Shoei in terms of quality or safety technology, are still ECE 22.05 and DOT approved.

“But the VFX-WR is easily one of the best in class, which is apparent through its comfort, quality and extensive safety features.”

For more information on the VFX-WR, click here.