First Look: Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support

Alpinestars neck protection lands at Visordown HQ

I'm predominantly a road rider, so I haven't had much to do with neck braces, until now.

I'm heading on the launch of the new Triumph Tiger 800 and there will be a session of light off-roading so I thought this would be a chance to try the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support, mainly to see what it was like for day-to-day use. I hope I don't crash hard enough to test its protection qualities and I don't expect to be clearing any table tops either, but I'm curious to know how I get on with the BNS and whether it feels claustrophobic.

Just getting it out of the box it feels chunky and solid, in a good way but it's an unfamiliar feeling having it around my neck. It doesn't feel like it would be restrictive but it's an unfamiliar pressure on my shoulders.

You can wear it as it comes over your jacket or you can use elastic loops to keep it tighter to your chest. I guess if you're doing heavy off-roading you don't want it to be moving around, that would be annoying.

I genuinely believe these will come to road riding, via road racing but who knows? I don't think there's anyone brave enough to pull up to their local bike meet on an R1 wearing one, but then surely someone had to be the first person who turned up to Rykas cafe with a hump on the back of their leathers?

It retails for about £210. I'll let you know how I get on with it next week.

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