Get to grips with the Michelin Power RS


While Michelin demonstrates its capabilities in MotoGP it is offering a premium road tyre

While Michelin demonstrates its capabilities with the stars of MotoGP in Jerez this weekend the tyre manufacturer is offering its premium range of road going rubber. 

The Michelin Power RS, which came out on top in all areas in the Motorrad test against its main manufacturer rivals, is designed with racing at its core to provide excellent grip and an unique experience for riders by optimising steering force with lean angle to give pinpoint feedback. 

The rear is concentrated to increase the pressure of the contact patch to enhance all areas of performance both in a straight-line and through the corners having thrashed its rivals in the Motorrad test. 

The factors that determine a motorcycle tyre's sporty credentials include grip and manoeuvrability, as well as handling during changes of lean angle, under braking and when accelerating hard. Michelin came out on top in all of these areas in the Motorrad Test Center test. 

For more information on the Michelin Power RS tyres plus its full range available please follow this link.