Review: Pro Vision track days

Pro Vision track days

The track day provider that’s aiming to give you more

I RECENTLY went along to the first event put on by Pro Vision Track Days at Snetterton.

Let’s face it, most track days are pretty much the same and once there, the organiser could be just about anyone.

Here’s where Pro Vision comes in – it’s a company that’s run by the friendly and approachable Chris, a track day nut who is aiming to offer more to UK track day customers by putting on welcoming and intimate track day experiences.

His aim is to create a really relaxed, welcoming and friendly environment, with ample track time and plenty of approachable help on hand, whether you’re a missile in the fast group or a first timer. During a day at Snetterton with Chris and his crew and some time spent wandering about the garages, I’d say he’s nailed it – everyone was well catered for, the atmosphere was friendly, all the staff were super approachable and there was a lack of egos and cliqueyness.

But you come to a track day for track time, and this is where Pro Vision really delivers because sessions are 30 minutes long. That means plenty of track time for everyone – giving riders the chance to get in to the groove quickly, learn the circuit and bed in to the day without feeling like the chequered flag is always out too soon, just remember that you're going to need more fuel.

Longer sessions gave me the chance to get really stuck in, learn the track and find my feet, and at the end of each session, I was about ready to roll back down pit lane for a rest. A 30 minutes session also means less impact as a result of red flags and when a couple of riders did stuff themselves into the kitty litter in my sessions, I still ended up with lots of time on track after things got going again.

Longer sessions are made possible because Pro Vision runs two groups, usually novice and intermediates but also intermediates and fast, depending on demand. You can see upcoming dates and groups on Pro Vision's website.

The atmosphere was decidedly friendly and novice riders were given all the hep and attention they needed from the free, on-hand instructors, who were happy to go out on track with people, analyse their riding and provide a detailed debrief. Instructors were also happy to keep working with people throughout the day - and I spoke to a couple of novices who found that really encouraging.

Danny Webb will be at most events as an instructor at anyone’s disposal. I went out with him for a session and got some useful feedback that I was able to work on next time out.

Free tea, coffee and all the biscuits I could eat was also a bonus and as you’d expect, Pro Vision also ensures full suspension and tyre support, along with a track bike rental company.

And Pro Vision rewards loyalty too – do four track days with them and you’ll get your fifth one free.

As track days go, my time at Snetterton with Pro Vision was one of the most enjoyable becasue of the friendly, approachable and inclusive vibe that Chris and his team provided. And it wasn't lacking in term of riding - six 30 minute sessions was as satisfying as it gets. 

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Upcoming dates and prices include:

  • May 16 – Cadwell Park (£135)
  • July 11 – Snetterton 300 (day and evening) (£135 day / £60 evening)
  • August 2 – Silverstone (£169)

Photos: Raceline Images