Forcite MK1S Smart Motorcycle Helmet Review

Forcite MK1S Smart Motorcycle Helmet Review

We tried out a new Forcite MK1S Smart Helmet. Is this the helmet of the future?

Forcite has been making waves globally since it first announced this smart helmet back in 2019. The Forcite MK1S is the world's first mass-produced Smart Helmet with ECE 22.05 certification. 

Comfort and Design

The carbon fibre shell weighs 1500g (+/- 50g depending on the size). It has a 3D-formed foam neckroll design and an extendable chin curtain to minimise wind and road noise. The visor is Pinlock Max Vision 120 ready and has a quick-release pull tab and locking mechanism for easy removal.

The 40mm Harman Kardon speakers are housed in the cavity (spacers available) and most of the electronics are housed in the helmet's chin, including the 1080p 60fps, race track-approved camera. There is no compromise to the EPS layer, and the MK1S has an anti-shock feature.

The UV400 built-in sun visor is easy to find and dark enough to block out a lot of sunlight. The vents provide a large breeze, which I’m sure is soothing on a warm summer’s day, however, I rode mostly in British winter and spring.

Considering the amount of tech built into the helmet, this is a comfortable helmet to ride around in. I usually wear a medium (a large one when I had hair extensions), and this is a slightly tighter fit than I’m used to. It’s enough to pull out my earring, but not enough to cause headaches.

It is worth noting that Forcite was awarded ‘Best in Class’ at the 2022 Australian Good Design Awards for product design in the Automotive and Transport sector. Plus, they now offer the MK1S Nexus, which was designed by Aldo Drudi for Drudi Performance.

Ease of use

It’s certainly an adjustment remembering to plug in a helmet, and undergoing a set-up process rather than pulling it on and jumping on the bike. The set-up guide is on the app, so once the helmet arrives you will need to download the app, register and follow the on-screen instructions.

Like with all early technology, there were a few teething problems, but certainly, no game-breaking bugs. It took me a couple of attempts to pair during the set-up, rather than separately. The app UX isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing - I found it a little clunky. However, it took me 20 minutes from start to finish, including needing to charge the helmet to complete the set-up.

However, one of the many benefits of digital technology includes the ability to send regular updates. Forcite have an in-house team of software developers and firmware engineers who regularly communicate with their riding community on new releases and quality control.


As a commuter rider, this is the helmet I have been waiting for. The peripheral display keeps my eyes on the road, and the controller can be used without looking, adding an additional layer of safety. The padding has also been designed to include riders who experience excess highway usage. At £929 it’s certainly not the cheapest helmet, but the in-built tech separates it from the standard helmets.

Forcite is blazing a trail with the MK1S, the first iteration of the next level of motorcycling kit technology. I’m looking forward to what Forcite produces next.


Outer Shell Material

T-400 carbon fibre composite

Premium Liner

3D formed foam throughout cheek pads and crown liner offers a contoured fit.

Neck roll design with extendable chin curtain creates tighter seal around the neck.


ECE 22.05 (DOT for US customers)


8 vent system with optimised channel airflow


Quick release mechanism. Locking switch for high-speed usage. Pinlock Max Vision 120 ready.

Internal Sun Visor

UV400 rated retractable sun visor


D-loop System


1500g ± 50g (XL weight approx. 1630g)