First test: Budget vs expensive adventure suits

When it comes to adventure gear, should you save your pennies or splash out?


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I disagree with the initial recommendation. Having owned many jackets over the years (and tested some on the tarmac) I can honestly say that I would always recommend to buy the best you can even if it means you have to delay that trip by a few months - you will be happy that you did in the long run. For day to day use all those little niggly issues with the cheaper suit become a real contentious issue, whereas the RUkka just gets better with age - my last Rukka was a bottom of the range Matti and it was far superior to any previous jacket. As a final comment, how about an abrasion test - put the sleeves of both suits on a linisher and time how long it takes to go through to the armour - once you see that result I am fairly sure that the cheaper suit idea will be shelved forever.