First look: Aldi motorcycle clothing

We've got Aldi's motorcycle kit in to review. Here are our first impressions

Something's been sat next to my desk for a few weeks now. It's big, it's brown, it's... A box. Not just any box though, this one is full of this year's Aldi motorcycle clothing range.

We were lucky enough to get sent a textile jacket, textile trousers, Kevlar jeans, leather gloves and some thermal base layers to Visordown HQ for testing.

After a quick try-out, here are our very first impressions:

1. Motorcycle jacket: £69.99

I can't yet vouch for warmth or waterproofness but the jacket is comfortable and not bulky. It has CE approved armour in all the places you'd expect and also gets a removable back protector. There's an adjustable strap around the waist and I counted seven pockets before getting bored. The thermal liner is also removable and the jacket will connect to the matching textile trousers via a sturdy YKK zip. Once done up, the flaps are held in place by six poppers which require some finesse to get in position.

Available in sizes S-XL

2. Motorcycle trousers: £49.99 

Like the jacket, these too have a removable thermal liner and an adjustable strap around the waist. Too many gear manufacturers don't seem to mind making ill-fitting clothing, luckily Aldi seemed to have evaded this faux-pas. They're quite slim, which in turn keeps the CE approved knee armour in place. They zip down from the hip to the bottom of the trousers, leaving a three-to-four inch wide opening, showing mesh material. I'm sure it would make a big difference in hot weather but I also suspect it would rip easily, should the worst happen.

Available in sizes S-XL

3. Kevlar jeans: £29.99 

At under £30 it would be rude not to try these, especially when you consider Kevlar 'Draggin Jeans' can go for £175. The abrasion-resistant Aramide lining sits mainly on the backside area with some other reinforcement around the hips and knee. Velcro'd pockets on the inside allow you to fit your own hip armour too for extra protection. At 5ft11 I needed to roll up the jeans as they were several inches too long, however, the jeans are available in a number of sizes and lengths.

Available in sizes: W32"/L32", W34"/L32", W36"/L33" and W38"/L33"

4. Leather gloves: £19.99

When I first saw these, I thought they were a really nice looking pair of gloves. And I think that's wherein lies the problem. They look as though they've been designed primarily with looks in mind, missing out potentially on the main reason why we wear gloves in the first place, for safety. The gloves are comfortable, have a nice fit, and are sprinkled with real carbon protectors over the knuckles and fingers. The leather seems flimsy though, and is missing altogether down the side of the thumb, where I'd expect many riders to land on in a crash.

I'm now off to ride with these for a while and I'll report back soon with what they're like to live with. A spokesperson for Aldi has said these will be in store for the 9 March, and it's while stocks last.

Here is a full list of items that will be available:

  • Multi-functional neck warmer: £2.99
  • Motorcycle socks: £3.59
  • Motorcycle base layer shirt / pants: £9.99
  • Motorcycle compression underwear: £9.99
  • Motorcycle gloves: £19.99
  • Motorcycle helmet: £29.99
  • Touring boots: £29.99
  • Motorcycle trousers: £49.99
  • Motorcycle jacket: £69.99