First impressions: Oxford Buddy 2.0 leather jacket, £179.99

First impressions: Oxford Buddy 2.0 leather jacket, £179.99

Great fit, great value

I'VE only had this a few days but already it’s feeling like my go-to every-day summer jacket.

It’s classically styled but understated – not quite retro enough for the custom bike set – so a middle-aged chap like myself doesn’t feel like a dad trying to get down with the kids.

Oxford Products' pic of the jacket

It’s got all the basics: removable armour at the shoulders, elbows and back and a thermal lining, also removable.

There are four outer pockets and one inner, with a window which lets you use your smart phone touchscreen. I've tried it and it works. I'm not sure why you wouldn't just take your phone out of your pocket to use it, though. 

We like

It’s got a nice cut, tapering below the arms, and the armour isn’t so bulky that it ruins it. The back protector is a non CE-approved foam insert, about three quarters of an inch thick. I'm happy with that but if you're not you could always swap it for a more substantial CE approved one. The elbow and shoulder armour inserts are soft-ish too, with CE approval.

It’s not as heavy as some leather motorcycle jackets, although the leather itself feels thick enough.

We don’t like

It’s got a label just behind the zip inviting you to write your name, a contact number, licence number and ‘blood type’. I cut the stitching and removed it. It might be a good idea but I don’t want to feel like I’m riding in a body bag.


At £179.99, it seems great value: a nicely cut, simply styled jacket promising a good level of protection.