First impressions: New Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS

Squeaky but safe, I put Sidi's Crossfire 2 SRS motocross boots to the test


I am now onto my 7th pair. Used properly for hard enduro and motard. The hinge is critical. Unhinged boots are like riding with feet trapped in cement. SRS version are more suited to motards. The SRS are at least 1/2 size narrower than the regular treaded sole version and not as good for dealing with standing/peg wear or a good footing in the mud. Regardless of type the soles will delaminate in less than 2 years, needing glue or (preferably) stitching back on, the white ones will turn yellow over time. That being said, they have offered me comfort and huge amounts of protection from big hits, crashes and serious leg twists... will be buying my 8th set soon (all have been in black since the white/yellow experience).

Crossfire 3's are the latest version. Nothign wrong with the 2's... hopefully the 3's will drive the price down.