First impressions: New Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS

First impressions: New Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS

Squeaky but safe, I put Sidi's Crossfire 2 SRS motocross boots to the test

THEY may be squeaky, but they’re certainly not squeaky clean after last weekend’s GS Challenge.

I’ve worn Sidi’s Crossfire 2 SRS boots on a handful of occasions now – briefly during snowmageddon earlier this year, for three days at the Honda Adventure centre in Taunton, and two at the Bank Holiday weekend GS Challenge.

On the latter occasion I was in the boots for 12 plus hours per day, riding GSes both on and off-road. At the Honda Adventure Centre, the Crossfires were put to good use on both CRF250Rs and Africa Twins.

And in the last 40-odd hours of sweaty boot time, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the Crossfires and their quirks. Quirk number one is the incredible squeakiness. Wet or dry, clean or caked in mud, these boots never cease to creak at even the slightest of movements.

That’s probably down to the composite microfibre ‘Technomicro’ exterior. Comprised of strands one thousand times thinner a strand of silk, this waterproof material acts like a superhuman leather. And if that’s not to blame then it must be the plastic protection or the Dual Flex System – a series of clips that allow forward/back motion, and prevent any harmful sideways movement.

Luckily, I’m not out to win the silent race, or any races to that matter – not just yet, anyway. I’m just finding my feet in the world of off-roading, and these boots have proven an excellent introduction to the stiff motocross style.

Admittedly, they took a little while to get used to, as their heavy, solid nature is a world away from the supple leather boots I’m used to. Changing gear and using the rear brake was particularly tricky as I had very little feel for the pedals. And while the left boot fitted perfectly from the off, like a stiff ski boot, the right gave me excruciating cramp the first couple of times I wore it. Luckily, they have bedded in well now and I experienced no such issues last weekend. In fact, they’re no less comfortable than the pair of well-worn adventure boots I traded them in for.

Impressive protection, comprised of the aforementioned plastic panels and a steel toecap, and a PU heel cup to prevent heel twisting, have kept my feet intact in multiple crashes, bangs and drops.

The good thing about the plastic panels is that the boot-leg parts are held together with screws and are totally replaceable, meaning that if you do break one you can easily replace that part without having to buy another pair of boots. Also replaceable are the rigid nylon inserts on the instep of the boot and polyurethane plate on the inside of the calves, which provide additional bash and heat protection. Even the sole can be swapped out, making these the ultimate in Meccano motocross footwear.

In the Red/White/Blue colour scheme these boots are very Honda. According to Sidi, the Technomicro exterior doesn’t stain, so I’ll have to give them a wash to find out!

In size 41 – I’m a UK 6.5 – they fit well (aside from the original cramp issues) and the four micro-adjustable buckles allow for the ideal fit around my ankles and calves.

A suggested retail price of £366.99 seems spot on for Italian-made boots of this quality, and I’ll report back later in the year after some more epic off-roading.

For more information on the Crossfire 2 SRS, click here

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