Do you want to see an airbag jacket go off?

We unleash the new Hit-Air airbag waistcoat on our (slightly) unsuspecting receptionist

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post on the new Hit-Air airbag jacket range. They make a jacket and a waistcoat, which connects to your bike and inflates in the event of an accident via a toggle which unleashes the contents of a chunky gas cannister.

So what's your thoughts on this? Do you think they're going to get popular? Jorge Lorenzo had one in his Dainese leather suit and there are several major manufacturers who've either produced one or have one in the pipeline.

So check out this video of us letting the Hit-Air airbag waistcoat off on our receptionist Kerry. Who, it has to be said, was a good sport. I reckon I'd go for the waistcoat instead of the jacket and wear it on a trackday over my leathers. I've mangled my internal organs over the years and anything that keeps them from being turned into casserole during a trip trhough the gravel trap is a good thing.