Now that's Magic!

New hydrocarbon fuel additive makes engine run cooler and cleaner, say manufacturer

Now that's Magic!

GLOBAL FUEL Treatments have announced the UK launch of Magic Bullet - the world’s first performance restoring fuel treatment formulated specifically for motorcycles.

Magic Bullet dramatically restores showroom engine performance in any motorcycle by de-coking the engine, cleaning injectors and fuel lines and by extracting more power from the fuel. Used continuously it maintains peak engine performance, reduces smoking and emissions and extends engine life. Magic Bullet is added directly to the fuel and is available in 100ml One-Shot format which treats up to 20 litres of fuel.

Magic Bullet is the result of years of development and testing to solve a recurring problem with all motorcycle engines. From the moment any motorcycle leaves the showroom it quickly loses its clean engine factory performance due to carbon build up in the engine.  The result is steady loss of performance and a diminishing riding experience.

Lifelong motorcycle rider and Managing Director of Global Fuel Treatments Steve Castledine, said:
“We wanted an easy to use product that restored and maintained clean engine showroom performance in any motorcycle.  It took quite a while to develop the specialist technology to do it.  The technical challenge was combining a decoking and cleaning effect with a fuel enhancer in the same product. The result is Magic Bullet and feedback to date has been fantastic.”

Engines running with Magic Bullet run significantly cooler and ultra clean. Power is smooth and immediate through all gears and Magic Bullet extracts up to 18% more power per unit of fuel without the need for chemical octane boosters.

“Magic Bullet is a 100% hydrocarbon based fuel treatment and is not a fuel additive," says Castledine. "Many fuel additives typically developed for cars are chemical cocktails based on octane boosters and powerful solvents. This technology works like nothing else available on the market.  Magic Bullet® instantly disperses in the fuel and is undetectable. Treated fuel passes all standard fuel tests which mean manufacturer warranties are unaffected and it’s safe to use long term. Motorcyclists are careful about what they put in the tank.”

Magic Bullet has already been adopted by track and road racers and has been used by at the Ulster GP, MANX GP and is on its way to the TT races with at least three teams in 2010.

Magic Bullet retails at £3.99 per 100ml

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