Coyote speed camera alert system

Like to ride without worrying about speed cameras? This could be for you

You might not have heared of Coyote, it's a speed camera alert system.

They're popular in mainland Europe but they've only recently come to the UK. The whole system is community driven to keep the information as up to date as possible.

I've been trying mine out, so here are my initial impressions:

As well as knowing where the fixed cameras are, Coyote is designed to alert you to mobile cameras too. If you pass a mobile camera that isn't listed, you can press a button on the Coyote and mark that spot as having a camera. If you travel past a spot that has a mobile camera and you are alerted, you can press another button to confirm the camera is still there, or mark it as not being there.

I think it's a great idea but it's obviously not bulletproof, you could put your trust in it, only to fly past a mobile speed trap. Luckily, you'd be less likely to be caught compared to a car - what with bikes not having a front number plate.

As a car driver, you don't need to look at the Coyote while you're driving, you just need to understand the bleeps and as it's quieter in the car, this is easier.

Coyote produce a biker kit, which means you can mount the Coyote on your bike or on your arm and there are earphone pad attachments that velcro into the lining of your lid.

The ear pieces mount to the internal lining of your lid and face out towards your ears. It's a good idea and comfortable enough but at higher speeds it's really hard to hear. However this is on a ZX-10R with a small screen.

So far it hasn't pointed out a speed camera that I haven't already seen but it has beeped at all the fixed sites. I haven't come across a mobile site yet, so can't give a verdict as to how it coped with that.

I need a good summer of riding roads I don't know to give the Coyote a fair test. Meanwhile, you can read more about it on the Coyote website.

It costs £185 with a 12-month subscription to the alerts service. The motorcycle mount kit costs £59.99