Christmas Biker Gifts: DVDs

Perfect for that Christmas afternoon veg-out...

As part of our series of gift guides for Christmas 2012, it would be simply silly of us not to draw up a list of the best biker DVDs out there. We've gone for a mixture of classics and modern greats, hoping to cover something for everyone. Perfect for slobbing out after an overindulgent Chrimbo.

Onwards with the list!


Narrated by celeb biker Ewan McGregor, 'Fastest' is the sequel to the classic 'Faster' (2003). Boasting impressive production values and stunning visuals, this feature-length documentary depicts the highs and lows in a season of motorcycling's top championship. Filmed across the 2010-2011 season, behind the scenes and race footage emphasizes the subtle interplay between legendary Valentino Rossi and new threat Jorge Lorenzo at the heart of the season's story. Interviews, practice sessions, race footage, and spectacular crashes all contribute to this two and a half hour rollercoaster.

Moto Vudu: Dark Art of Performance

The work of former MotoGP winner Simon Crafar, 'Moto Vudu: Dark Art of Performance' should teach anybody a thing or two about getting a bit more out of themselves and their bike on a circuit. Featuring advanced skills and refreshers for anybody looking to take their bike out onto the track, 'Moto Vudu' stands out in the vast sea of motorcycle skills videos out there. The presentation is top notch, and Simon Crafar's instruction clear and concise. A really professional package for any rider looking to shave off a few vital tenths.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Before he was doomed to spend eternity pinned to the wall of student dorms, Che Guevera was a revolutionary. Before he was a revolutionary, he wrote a book about a motorcycle journey he went on. This would become 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. The film adaptation is simply beautiful. On it's release in 2004, it was nominated for numerous awards and captures the love of a motorcycle and the freedom is can bestow beautifully. Highly recommended for bikers and non-bikers alike, but perfectly pitched to those with a sense of romance and adventure to go with their two-wheelers. 

Terra Circa

This is the real 'Long Way Round'. Five guys, unsponsored, take on a round the world trip (some years before Ewan and Charlie sat astride a pair of GSs). And what a trip it turns out to be. Including a world-first crossing of the infamous Zilov Gap, only previously accessible via the Trans-Siberian railway, this no-nonsense crew show what it really means to be in the wilderness with no safety net. Nothing prepares you for just how extreme this adventure is, and there is more edge-of-your-seat stuff in here than in McGregor's entire Hollywood back catalogue. Grab this one this Christmas.

TT: Closer to the Edge

Easily the biggest thing to happen to motorcycle films for years, 'TT: Closer to the Edge' succeeded in winning over even non-bikers, such is it's power and authenticity. The film captures the incredible phenomenon that is the Isle of Man TT, arguably the world's most dangerous, difficult race. Following Guy Martin in his bid to win the TT for the first time, 'Closer to the Edge' is the first film that succeeds in capturing the absolute essence of this sensational race. More human feat than mere motorcycle race, the TT needed sweeping cinematography and sleek visuals to come close to doing it justice, and that is the treatment its finally been given here. Best enjoyed in 3D, if such a facility is avaliable. 

On Any Sunday

One of the greatest motorcycle films ever made. The work of surf film pioneer Bruce Brown (creator of the superb 'Endless Summer'), 'On Any Sunday' remains a dreamy, nostalgic piece of work - a historical snapshot of 1970's motorcycle culture, and a lasting document to the passion that is shared by all two-wheel lovers. Visually it is a treat - hypnotic and pleasantly languid - fittingly this is the perfect Sunday afternoon film. Steve McQueen features heavily (he also backed the film financially), and the sections including him remain some of the greatest insight into the personality of the man on record. Another that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend, even to non-bikers. 

MotoGP: Greatest Moments

A sterling collection of the very best moments from MotoGP in recent years. Highlights include the last corner at Catalunya in 2009, Brno 2012 and Jerez in 2005. The entire production gleams with professionalism and flair. Quite simply a treat for any racing fan and a comprehensive guide to the best of the sport over the last few years, 'MotoGP: Greatest Moments' is a no-brainer if you have a racing fan to buy for. It's all in the name really!

Superbikes: When Britain Ruled The World

A neat little DVD history of the history of British supremacy in superbike racing, charting the British resurgence in the 1980's, before the emergence of Foggy and the glory years of the 1990's. A brilliant Britpop soundtrack accompanies this nostalgic trip down memory lane, and who can fail to be stirred by 121,000 fans at the Brands Hatch meeting in '99? Great footage, quality interviewees and patriotic subject matter for the superbike fan at Christmas time. What more could you want?

Flick the Beast

Kevin Schwantz, 1989. One of the most thrilling, unpredictable seasons in MotoGP history, primarily due to one man. The unredoubtable, charismatic KS made it a year to remember. This nice little documentary compiles the best of his work that season, the crashes, the overtakes and the electrifying riding. An hour will fly by.