Bull-It Laser 'Italian' motorcycle jeans

Motorcycle jeans get a much needed overhaul

BULL-IT want to show you that there is an alternative in the motorcycle jeans market.

Armoured jeans are often sold on the basis that you could wear them happily on or off the bike. But...would YOU want to walk into a pub wearing the average pair of motorcycle jeans?!

That's where the Bull-It 'Italian' fit comes in. Slimmer through the leg and gently tapered, whilst still being plenty roomy to fit over your boots, this is the first pair of motorcycle jeans we have seen that could genuinely be worn into a pub without the fashion police being called.

They're no slouch in the safety stakes either. The brainchild of a former professional speedway rider and electrical engineer, Surrey-based Bull-It utilizes a protective material never previously seen on the market. They make some pretty exciting claims about the safety capabilities of their new technology. Under testing, Bull-It claim that Covec 'Laser' (so called because it supposedly can only be cut with a laser), a 'technical textile' created from engineered yarns used by NASA, outperformed rival aramid fibres in all tests for safety, most notably in the industry standard Martindale abrasion test by over 40,000 rubs. Impressive! 

Bull-It 'Laser' jeans - £129.99