Yamaha Motorcycle Reviews

In this Japanese battle of the commuter-focused small capacity scooter we have the Honda Vision 110 versus the Yamaha Vity 125. One has a 1980s name we all remember, the other is simply stuck in the 1980s.

Two popular Japanese executive-style scooters with a huge £1,300 price difference. Can the Yamaha really be worth so much more?

The choice between two of the hottest 125s is more than one of faired vs naked

Stuck deciding between the UK's two best-selling sports bikes? We can help

Budget-priced, good-looking Jap commuter or, erm, budget-priced, good-looking Jap commuter? We have the answer

Yamaha's budget-priced triple is a triumph of engineering and far from a budget offering

Are Yamaha bringing something new to the custom and cruiser world? I think so.

With two new shattering four-stroke dirtbikes available for 2002 in the shape of the Honda CRF450 and Yamaha YZ426, we sent our resident off-road specialist Steven Pheasant to various mudholes around the UK to figure out who's packing the big gun.

Yes, it's been out for a while but Yamaha never invited us on the launch. We pitch it against London's broken streets and Birmingham's frozen motorways.

6001 miles of country to city riding clocked, pros & cons?