Suzuki Motorcycle Reviews

More power, less weight, and all wrapped in a GSX-R1000 looky-likey form. It's bound to kick butt on-track - but can it deliver on the road?

It's supermoto-a-go-go as Team Two heads to France on a madcap mission to raise the Pyrenees to the ground. Allez!

Probably lighter, certainly faster, but is it any better? Definitely. Niall Mackenzie rides the new GSX-R1000 at Eastern Creek.

Suzuki's GSX-R750 snapped up the TWO Bike Of The Year Award 2004 last month. To mark the occasion, we celebrate 20 years of three-quarter litre lunacy with every generation of GSX-R 750

Just a Bandit with a full fairing? TWO flies to France and discovers the new GSX650F is a bike that’s much greater than the sum of its parts.

Half elephant, half cyclops, but all-conquering when it came to the title of King of Speed in the late 1990s, the Hayabusa is still the yardstick for sheer velocity and a fantastic cult motorcycle.

Handsome is as handsome does. And if that's the case, many owners reckon the V-Strom is drop-dead gorgeous and offers plenty of smiles for the miles.

In 1995 Suzuki built the naked middleweight Bandit. Compared to Yamaha's Diversion it was a revelation: sure it was cheap, cheerful and built to a price, but it was also a hell of a lot of fun to ride.

This month, TWO finds that living with the first breed of GSX-R1000 is easier than you think.

Two of the hardiest perennials in the middleweight category go head to head

With a tyre-shredding 194bhp on tap and a fully revised chassis the original Hypersports bike is refusing to grow old gracefully. Hold on tight, because the 'Busa is back and is meaner than ever...