What The Press Say: Triumph Speed Triple R reviews

The verdict from the motorcycle press on R edition of Triumph's popular Speed Triple

Here's what the British motorcycling press said in their 2012 Triumph Speed Triple R reviews:

“This motorcycle is seriously addictive – and capable of brightening your day in a British town or even on the M6 just as it does in Spanish sunshine. Is it the world’s best naked sportsbike? It’s hard to see many votes going against it.” Martin Fitz-Gibbons, Bike – April 2012

“The big question is whether or not it’s worth it over the stock bike. I’d say only if you’ve got the cash, badly want Öhlins or are going to do a load of trackdays. Otherwise, no, the stock bike is still superb, and only £8,799. Still, that shouldn’t take away from what’s a remarkable achievement by Triumph – one absolutely epic motorcycle. Bravo.” Benjamin Kubas Cronin, Fast Bikes – April 2012

“So is it better than the standard Speed Triple? Of course it is, and by some margin…At just over £11,000 it isn’t cheap, but this is a golden age for large-capacity, sweet-handling nakeds. The Triumph Speed Triple R is a proper performance bike. If you’re in he market for a high-octane naked you simply MUST try one.” Kev Smith, Performance Bikes – April 2012

“I freely admit to being a huge Speed Triple fan. I love its relaxed attitude and ability to misbehave when required. The R has all this but adds an extra dimension of control and performance. It isn’t a hardcore, track-only sports version of the Speed Triple, but rather a Speed Trip;e that has been given some superb quality components that only serve to heighten the pleasure of the riding experience.” Jon Urry, RiDE – April 2012

“The standard bike is already exceptionally capable for everyday riding. I think the hook with his bike is more whether you’re after a bike that’s a bit special. A bike that’s guaranteed to grab attention and kick off a good conversation when you meet up with your mates down the pub.” Bruce Wilson, Motorcycle Sport and Leisure – April 2012

"There's no doubt this Speed Triple R would be comfortable chasing sportsbikes around racetracks for as long as you could keep it in tyres, but when you look at the bike to see if any of the changes would make it less capable on the road, the answer is no. Why? Well because it's got the same engine, smooth and torquey. The riding position hasn't changed, the bars aren't any wider. The standard bike is already great on the road, the additional parts on the Speed Triple R just add to its ability without compromise." Ben Cope, Visordown - January 2012 Read the full review