What The Press Say: Ducati 1199 Panigale reviews

The verdict from the motorcycle press on Ducati's revolutionary new superbike, the 1199 Panigale

Here's what the British motorcycling press said in their 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale reviews:

“The Panigale is a quantum leap forward over the 1198. It’s as advanced and as powerful as a Ducati World Superbike, with handling to match. With all the electronic fitted as standard to the S model we tested, it’s a lightweight 195bhp toy box – a blood red trackday sledgehammer.” Michael Neeves, Motorcycle News – Wednesday 15 February 2012

“I’d love to spend more time on the Panigale. It’ll do 15,000 miles between servicing, but feels quick like a race bike…It feels stiffer tan the old style frame. The bike still moves around, which I like, but it’s stiffer in places – definitely on the front end” Neil Hodgson, Motorcycle News – Wednesday 15 February 2012

“The 1199 retains traditional Italian appeal, still offers the sound and sensations that knot the bellies of the devoted, bu brings an accessibility, adaptability and refinement that riders of Japanese inline fours should relate to.” Mike Armitage, Bike Magazine – April 2012

“There has never been a bike that has had such a combination of Italian passion and weapon-grade technology. The Panigale redefines things, if not for its performance then definitely for its intent and technology.” Matt Wildee, Performance Bikes – April 2012

“The Panigale is truly on par with the conventional litre bike posse. The difference is that the 1199 grabs you emotionally and coaxes you into the ride. It’s not just another bike. It’ll never get tiresome. It’s still very much a Ducati, just unlike any Ducati I’ve ever ridden.” Alastair Fagan, Fast Bike – April 2012

"This bike has superseded every production sportbike that's come before it. There's nothing more you could want for, other than to learn how to ride its potential - as Troy Bayliss demonstrated to us throughout the day." Bruce Wilson, Motorcycle Sport and Leisure - April 2012

“The new Panigale is special. It’s a result of letting bike designers make their dream bike. The technology may seem excessive but it works and gives the bike a factory racebike feel. The better riding position is perfect for real-world riders and road use.” Matt Hull, RiDE – May 2012

"The Panigale is still unmistakably a Ducati, but with the rough edges and character smoothed out. If you've shunned the red brand in the past because you don't like the awkward glitches that the Ducatity call 'character', then re-open your mind and try a Panigale - I think you'll be surprised." Chris Northover, Superbike - May 2012

When it comes to superbike-class v-twins, Ducati are really in a class of one. So it seems indulgent, almost perverted, that despite the success of the 1198 Ducati decided to scrap this successful formula and try another angle. Most manufacturers wouldn't have taken that gamble. I salute the fact Ducati have, because the 1199 is something an evolved 1198 could never have been.” Ben Cope, Visordown – February 2012 Read the full review