KTM KTM 790 Duke: the Scalpel on the dyno

Excellent power figure from the new twin

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We’ve got a KTM 790 Duke on test at the moment, and since it’s the first time we’ve seen this new engine, we were keen to see how she does on the dyno. So it was down to Big CC Racing we went, for some power runs (and more…)

And here you go – a very smart graph, showing a gnat’s crotchet under 100bhp, at the wheel. 99.65bhp at 9,400rpm and 60.72 ft lb of torque – very impressive for a 799cc parallel twin, and considering the skinny, lightweight nature of the beast, a heady amount.

We also took a look at the power available in the different riding modes too – more on this anon.


Thanks for this. It's a little hard to make out on the low res dyno graph, but it looks like it runs lean below 6k - this might be the source of the unsteady running people have mentioned.

It also looks like the engine could keep pulling beyond 9500 rpm.

Looking forward to more detail.

Cheers! Sorry about the graph, I'll try to make it bigger. Just put up a new piece on the power in the different modes, check it: http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/ktm-790-duke-power-modes...


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