First ride: Suzuki GSX-S750 review

Suzuki's naked 750 has a new name and a bunch of upgrades for 2017. Is it enough?


If you had cash you should be able to get one for that £7200 if you phoned around,anyone with cash to buy a new bike that pays list price is a mug quite frankly.

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So is this a winner or not? I passed on last years version because it was reportedly not sporting enough. And I keep thinking that for $6,900 I can have a new 1250 Bandit.

But is this one a hooner? I can't tell from the review.

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It would look better with an under body exhaust like the Kawasaki Ninja 650.

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It's odd that in five days time no one but me and one other bloke has commented on this article. Same with some other articles. Does anyone else follow this site? Does the site only show me my own comments?

Well, there are small countries in Europe where legal speeds are mostly around 100km/h. No canyons, no hills. Lets say I'd like to stay more or less in legal speed limit but still have fun and feel the character of the bike while riding. Btw, Honda CBR500R is almost a match. But if I would like to get something a bit more powerful? Haven't tried but I think Yamaha MT-09 is too much. Also, torque isn't the only thing I care while riding. I tend to think that this new GSX-S750 is more approriate in this case.