Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 video review

Direct from the Land of Joy, here's our video review of Ducati's latest Scrambler

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BubbaDaytona's picture

I refuse to buy into lifestyle marketing.

Selling to consumers and spouting anything other than the tech specs is always selling the image that goes with it. And if you're stuck in a job in the middle of a city this thing would fill dreams better than but be as practical as some scooter.

While I quite welcome this smaller scrambler, it'd be far more impressive if it was a big single in keeping with the 60s original and to get that weight down.

But bikes ARE about selling the image. Nobody really buys the "tech specs" for bikes any more than they buy the tech specs for any other product. Purchasing decisions are invariably emotional. Search for Simon Sinek's TED talk on YouTube if you doubt this.

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wasabi's picture

of a Big Brother evictee.

Screaming Badger's picture

.. have to worry about "The Brand" issue.

Ducati, and indeed pretty much all Italian bikes suffer from the "Highly Strung Lingerie Model" syndrome. You'd like to have a go, but the cost of ownership isn't measured with money, it's measured with your sanity. Nobody wants to be stuck at the side of the road with that incessant nagging in your head, the reminder that you should have just bought the XSR and, that if you had, you'd be well on your way to the twisties or home as you saw fit.

If anyone needs to worry about brand, it's Ducati, MV Agusta et al. Their reputations are feckless.

Haha ... the Scrambler certainly ain't a "Lingerie Model". It's more "filthy MILF". You know she'll work your hard-on big time, but you won't want admit it to anyone, ever. Flawed, for sure. But a ride you'll take take to your grave (with a smile).


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