Triumph Speed Twin (2021)

Triumph Speed Twin (2021)
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Summing up, the key word for the new Speed Twin is ‘balance’. Low speed balance is excellent, and at real-world speeds on twisty roads, there’s a great balance between handling and performance. The brakes are nicely balanced between power and feel, and even the overall specification is a carefully-engineered balance between finish and price. Triumph’s stated aim with this bikes was, ‘To combine the performance of the Thruxton with the looks of a classic’, and I think they’re managed that very well. I liked the old Speed Twin,  but this is just that little bit more exciting, more capable, more – yes - balanced. The main balancing feat Triumph have attempted is to produce something that’s easy, welcoming and unthreatening enough to attract and flatter riders who may be taking their first steps onto big bikes after passing their tests or coming back after a lay-off, but which can still put a big grin on someone who’s just stepped off the latest sports or adventure bike after a lifetime’s experience. That’s a neat trick if you can pull it off, and I think they’ve done just that.