Triumph looks to boost new rider numbers with Ticket to Ride

The Triumph Ticket to Ride initiative offers a £500 contribution towards the purchase of a Trident or Tiger Sport 660 for new riders

2023 Triumph Trident 660.jpg

Passing your motorcycle test is an expensive process, but once that job is done, you then have to go out and buy your shiny new steed. That second part of the process is something Triumph is looking to help out with, as the new Ticket to Ride initiative is launched.

The scheme is aimed at those riders who have passed their full A or A2 motorcycle test in the last 12-months, and provides them with a £500 bonus should they choose either the Triumph Trident 660 or Tiger Sport 660, both of which are ideal bikes for those looking to take their first steps in the world of two-wheels. Ticket to Ride gives newer riders the chance to offset £500 of the cost of a new bike against the cost of their motorcycle training, making it an ideal helping hand, right when new riders need it.

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The Ticket to Ride initiative can also be used alongside the current offer from Triumph which also provides a £500 personalisation contribution on any new Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660. That £500 offer can either be used on official Triumph kit or clothing, official Triumph accessories, or as a deposit contribution. Should new riders opt for the latter option, that deposit contribution, plus the Ticket to Ride initiative, could save them £1,000 off the price of their new Trident or Tiger Sport 660.

To claim the £500 contribution, new riders simply need to visit their local Triumph dealer and show their motorcycle test pass certificate - with the pass date noted within the last 12-months. The dealer will then reduce the purchase price of a new Trident or Tiger Sport 660 to the tune of £500.

The Ticket to Ride initiative isn’t a limited-time offer, although the £500 personalisation contribution (noted above) is, so check out the official Triumph ‘Offers’ webpage for more information.

Speaking about the new initiative, Devron Boulton, General Manager UK & Ireland said: 

"We are delighted to announce the Ticket To Ride program and welcome new riders to the Triumph brand. We are dedicated to empowering the next generation of riders and providing affordable options on their motorcycle journey".

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