Yamaha XJR1200

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If you want retro then step this way.
The handling is softer than a bouncy castle.
De-tuned FJ motor could do with more horses to haul its heavy arse along

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Submitted by BAD ASS MOM (not verified) on Fri, 15/10/2010 - 15:41

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I find this an exciting, fun bike to ride with lots of grunt and once up to speed, great adrenalin rush. Plus, there being only a few in South Africa, it is an eye catcher. Am so glad I bought mine ... Hubby enjoys riding it too when he wants a break from his worked ZX12.


Sorry no technical 'talk' from me (that is my husband's job) Great looking bike with very nice lines. Excellent braking thanks to the Brembo brakes. Ultra smooth gearbox. Very responsive on acceleration. Feels solid on the road. Very comfortable riding position. Decent sized fuel tank.


As a woman rider I find it a bit heavy whilst parking etc. I found the wind factor rather hectic but my Puig biking screen has sorted that out.

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