KTM 1290 Superduke R

KTM’S 1290 Super Duke R is the most intimidating-looking motorcycle I’ve seen in a decade
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The most mental and yet civilised motorcycle you'll ever ride

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Submitted by Dbenora on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 03:06

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This bike is amazing, almost surreal. You have to recalibrate your brain by about 30%, 80mph feels like 60. I'm not going to cover the crazy power, telepathic handling, quality suspension, or comfort which have all been well covered. However, there were a few pleasant surprises in the first few days of ownership that I either missed or weren't covered in other reviews.


Here is the list of thoughtful features I have discovered so far: 1. Self-canceling turn signals. I love these! Have you ever traded bikes with your buddy and watched him leave on a turn signal? These self-cancel in about 10 seconds but they stay on if your are at a stop waiting to turn, then self-cancel. Not sure how they do that. 2. Finger adjusters on the forks. While I don't recommend it, it's possible to adjust fork rebound and compression on the fly, preferably on a deserted back road. Very nice. 3. Two-position handlebar mounting points. There is a second set of mounting points 15 mm's closer to the rider which allows for moving the bar closer to the rider without new cables. The forward position is recommended for track use and is still pretty comfortable. Why doesn't every bike have this? 4. Color TFT dash. While other bikes have color TFT, most of the information is in black. The KTM uses a variety of different colors for easy differentiation. 5. Oil sight glass and fill on the Left. This is a thoughtful feature where you can stand your bike up from the Left side and see your oil level as opposed to most bikes where it's on the right where you feel like you are going to drop the bike on yourself. 6. Electronic gas cap. It's probably covered in some review but I was pleasantly surprised to find an electronic gas cap that flips open without the key. Locks when you walk away from the bike with the keyless fob so nothing ever has to come out of your pocket. 7. Quick change rear sprocket carrier. Makes changing rear sprocket a breeze which is nice since you will probably want to go up a tooth or two on the rear. And a couple last nice touches including a bubbler shift peg cover so you don't grind up your boot and an oval trellis frame rail (to keep it narrow).


I wouldn't call these weaknesses since they are easy fixes: Tail looks like a Third seat, gearing is a little tall, quick shifter should be standard, not part of an electronically enabled Performance Pack, seat is a little hard, and a fuel pump recommended change but not an actual recall, which is a little disconcerting.

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