Honda CB1100 (2013 - present)

A modern take on a classic that’s more for enjoying the journey rather than timing it.
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Classically gorgeous
Best for riding down Memory Lane
The big naked is back! Classic lines that just never grow old.

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Apart from the small fuel tank and lo rent stickers on the side covers (I removed them) it is a brilliant bike. It has not got warp speed but will cruise all day comfortably at 130kmh and you will get off without a sore arse.


Smooth as, love the way it just goes whoosh past everything. Really flexible motor.It can tickle along at 60kph in 5th. Comfortable on a long trip, my first ride was a 1200 km round trip. Easy to park despite its weight.Love the wide handlebars.


Small fuel tank. Needs to be able to do 300 km on a tank. The horn is horrible, it sounds like a child's squeaky toy and is easy to hit by mistake when you use the indicators.

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