Ducati Monster 1100 (2008 - present)

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Mental engine and a great, fresh, new Monster look.
The motor is a bit too much for some.

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I've been blown away from the start with this bike. In the real world 'that engine' has all the performance you could ever want, all the time, in any gear. Yes, at over a ton a Sports Bike would kick it's bum, but so would the Law kick mine! The bike is light and easy to place (especially with Bridgestone BT023 tyres) and the cost have been much lower than I was expecting. Nothing has gone wrong or fallen off and the dealers treat you special because they get how these bikes make you feel! I have a new Honda and the dealer experience just isn't the same..


That engine! Ride the torque! Ducati dry clutch clatter! ABS brakes and those standard cans can't be legal can they? It makes passers by smile and hedgehogs have a coronary Running costs and fuel costs have been very low Plastic panels mean you can change the look easily and relatively cheaply (Logomania) Lightweight but very well built That engine again!


I've had mine three years (from new) now - but I can't find a replacement that matches up...so I still have it!

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