First ride: Ducati Monster 1100

John Hogan reports back from the launch of the Ducati Monster 1100

Ducati have added another fantastic bike to their already very good range.
Replacing the S2R1000 the new 1100 has made use of the trellis frame and
sub-frame from the 696 and the 1078cc air cooled DS engine from the existing
range. Hypermotard heads mean 95bhp and 73ft lbs in a bike with a claimed
dry weight of just 169kg.

The suspension felt firm but not annoyingly so.
The brakes a little lifeless unless you were braking from high speeds. Its
only when you ride the 1100 out of town and up the pace that you realise
what the bike is all about. High street poseurs are better off on the 696 as
the bigger, faster brother is only really happy when you give it a bit of a
pasting. Its comfortable, looks good and goes like the clappers.

Better than
an S2R1000? Definitely. Better than a Speed Triple? Debatable, on track the
Monster would leave the Triumph for dead. The rest of the time the Triumph
would have the edge. Never the less the 1100 is an awesome tool and deserves
your attention, head along to the NEC and have a look for yourself.

Price is
expected to be £7,800 and the standard version will be available in Silver,
Red and Black. The S version costs £9,200 and is also available in White.