Peugeot Satelis 250 (2006 - 2012)

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A thoroughly nice bike to ride if you don't care about image. Does everything I need, and will be using it for short tours this year. Ideal in traffic, quick off the mark. This is a 'keeper'...I may change my other bikes, but this is to stay. Try to get the carrier that hinges to allow access to the under-seat storage, especially if second-hand, as the cost of new is silly, running into many 100's of pounds. Recommended, with a big grin factor, and reliable to boot.


Comfortable and roomy, with a soft saddle, plenty of storage, easy to handle for a 70 year old who isn't into 'image' after having ridden everything from Pans to Triumphs for 50 years. Despite single cylinder the ride is smooth with no appreciable vibration, and weather protection is great. Easily keeps up with the traffic, (nearly 80mph once, but remembered the size of wheels!), and being a scooter takes a few minutes to clean. Maintenance needs body removal, but access to battery is simple. A doodle to get on the stand, especially for a person with back-ache!


Body panels need removing for maintenance, wheels seem small after a 'proper' bike, but you get used to them. Back-up spares are sometimes difficult to get...a Peugeot trait, I'm afraid.

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