Extreme Wheelie School

Yamaha Extreme Wheelie School review
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After spending the day with Steve and the team at Extreme Wheelie, I was obviously keen to get back home and try out the technique on some of our test bikes. While taking part in the course didn’t instantaneously give me the ability to jump on any bike and wheelie from the word go, I did have the tools to be able to confidently and safe lift the front on command.

The thing is, the team teach you a technique on the MT-07 and MT-09, both of which are cracking little bikes, but riding home and jumping on your ZX-10R, or MT-10 and expecting the same results is unlikely to happen. What worked for me was going over the routines we’d practiced on my bikes at home, that way I was building up my confidence in exactly the same way we did on the airfield. In this way it enabled me to be pulling wheelies on a middle weight adventure bike in less than five minutes.