Sidi Sidi Adventure Gore 2 boot review

Sidi Adventure Gore 2 boot review

We’ve been putting some winter miles on the Spidi Adventure Gore 2 adventure motorcycle boots

WITH a winter peppered with new bike launches of off-road and adventure motorcycles, my old off-road/adventure boots were no longer passing muster.

Leaking seams and worn outsoles are no good for adventure riding, when a secure footing and warm feet are key to keeping comfortable on the bike.

After pursuing the extensive range of Sidi off-road kit – I already have the Sidi Rex race boots which are ace – I settled on the Sidi Adventure Gore 2 boots. They are an adventure/touring motorcycle boot, with almost the protection of a motocross item and a lot more comfort.

Sidi Adventure Gore 2 pricing, colours and sizing

There are three colours available, Grey, Black (as worn in riding pictures) and brown. They are available in sizes 6 to 15 and have an RRP of £334.99. For more information on these or any other Sidi boots, head to


After testing out kit for a few years now, I’ve become somewhat of a cynic of any item of motorcycle kit that claims to be waterproof. So you can imagine my surprise after a few rain-soaked rides to the airport as the UK was battered with some fairly extreme weather, that the Adventure Gore 2s are 100% waterproof.

Even after a day spent riding off-road at the Honda Adventure Centre in Devon, I was actually genuinely surprised and happy to remove my boots and find totally bone dry socks attached to my feet!

This feat is equally as impressive when you consider that the beginning and the end of the day saw is riding full-bore along a flooded road that was covered in about 12-inches of water.

While the boots are totally water-resistant, they never feel sweaty or like you’re wearing wellies, with a plush lining covering the interior that helps to keep your feet fresh and warm.


After an initial breaking-in period, it took about a week for them to soften up, the Sidi’s are a very comfortable place to plonk my feet. The sole of the boots is thick but soft enough that walking around doesn’t become a chore. The insole also has a removeable arch support so you can tailor the boots to your fit. The outer shell is Sidi’s own Technomicro Microfibre, which is like a man-made leather substitute.

It has high abrasion resistance while looking and feeling just like leather. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it a better material than leather, as it doesn’t toughen up when it comes into contact with saltwater and muck. The outer shell is lined with the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane.


The boots are fastened with a large Velcro flap that is protected by an inner waterproof gaiter and two sturdy buckles, one on the instep and one just above the ankle. The straps the buckles fasten into are adjustable for meaning those with tubby feet can still get a secure fit. Changing the size of the straps is a little fiddly and will probably take a few goes to get it right. Once done though, you really shouldn’t have to change them again so it’s not a huge issue.


The Adventure 2s feature Sidi’s Plastic ankle support system, that has a pivot located on the inside and outside of your ankle with a plastic structure that runs around the back of the boot joining the two parts. The system is designed to prevent your foot from overextending in a fall or moving in a direction that causes injury. It’s a smart system that never makes you feel like your foot is being prevented from moving in a normal manner.

The front of the boot is covered with a large plastic shin protector that is bonded to the Velcro flap that secures the boot. The heel of the boot is also covered with a plastic protector that covers the entire heel.

I’ve tried to test the boots on a range of bikes, from Adventure machines like the Honda CRF1100L Africa twin last weekend to enduro machines and even cruisers. While the levels of protection of the boots and the design obviously make them best suited to off-road and upright machines, I never once felt them to be cumbersome when taking them out of their comfort zone.

There is a bone-dry foot in there somewhere!

Sidi Adventure Gore 2 verdict

In my mind, the waterproofing of these boots alone makes them worth their weight in gold. Getting to the airport when you’re flying off for a new motorcycle launch with dripping wet feet is a soul-destroying experience.

The fact that they also offer great protection, looks and keep your feet warm and comfortable are added bonuses that make them a very enticing option indeed.

Aside from the Sidi-Squeak (that’s what I’m calling it anyway) when walking about off the bike, I’m really struggling to find anything to mark them down on. If the weather is looking like it’s going to be anything other than perfect riding weather, they are quickly becoming my go-to boots for almost all occasions.