WATCH Peter Hickman and the BMW M 1000 XR at the TT course

BMW has released a teaser film showing Peter Hickman spanking the new BMW M 1000 XR around the Isle of Man TT course

Hickman riding the BMW M 1000 XR at the TT

PETER Hickman is handed the keys to the new BMW M 1000 XR for a shakedown lap of the Isle of Man TT course.


If you wanted a tried and tested pair of hands to give your latest bike a thorough going over Peter Hickman might be a name at the top of your list. If that bike happens new BMW M 1000 XR and the venue happens to be the Isle of Man TT course, and Hicky is after all an FHO and BMW-backed Superbike and Superstock racer - the decision seems to make all the more sense!

This video was released by BMW yesterday, and it shows the third bike in the ‘M’ series as it makes its way and is (apparently) ridden from Berlin through Europe to the Isle of Man. Once it makes it to ‘The Rock’, it’s passed over to the famous TT racer before he stretches the bike’s legs on the most famous road course in the world. 

This video isn’t a total surprise, as we reported late last week on the news that a BMW M 1000 XR had already been spotted on the Isle of Man and even filmed leaving the pitlane with Mr Hickman in the saddle. It’s hardly surprising that the cat was let out of the bag prior to the video landing, given that the TT course is a public road for much of the time and lined with a million camera phones all waiting for the next piece of on-track action!

Accompanying the lap, Beemer has also released a walkaround video, showing the new bike in significantly more detail than we’ve seen before - check that out above.

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