NSR vs VFR – Who wins?

Clash of the grey import titans now as two classic HRC sports bikes go head to head.

NSR vs VFR – Who wins?

GREY IMPORTS; just that phrase has the power to make bikers of a certain age go week at the knees!

And here we have two of the most iconic of Honda’s grey import offerings going head to head in a drag race. Let’s take a look at the contenders!

Weighing in at a featherweight 150kg wet, the NSR250 is the spritely GP rep, with 250GP DNA and a healthy 57hp on tap – in unrestricted form.

The VFR, on the other hand, weighs in at a slightly tubbier 182kg wet. It pips the NSR by a couple of extra horsepower, but will the extra torque from that V4, four-stroke engine come into play at the start?

Seconds out, round one…

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