Biker who died 3 times, wants to ride again

Perhaps we should all eat more vegetarian pies?

A 52-year-old grandfather, who was brought back to life three times and needed 38 operations following a motorcycle accident has vowed to ride again.

Gary Brennan had a head-on collision with a car on his Ducati Hypermotard shortly after leaving a biker's meet near Leeds.

Brennan was 'confirmed' dead at the scene however paramedics continued to work on him and he was resuscitated, then flown to Leeds General Hospital.

Brennan's heart stopped twice more in hospital, however surgeons battled to save him, despite him having the worst injuries they'd ever seen in a living person. His injuries included: bleeding on the brain, a fractured spine in three places, a collapsed lung, two broken shoulder blades, a broken pelvis, crushed kidney, torn liver and various other broken bones. He was put into an artificial coma for 6-weeks to recover.

Brennan, who runs a vegetarian pie business, is currently in a wheelchair but vows to get back on a motorcycle once his injuries have fully healed.