So, you think you’re a fast track day rider?

This is what it looks like when a teen from the Red Bull Rookies Cup does a track day at Magny Cours

So, you think you’re a fast track day rider?

THERE IS ALWAYS someone at a track day that takes it a bit too far. You’ve got tyre warmers and a box van, your mate turns up with a race awning and brolly-dollys!

When it comes to excess though, this young Frenchmen takes it to the next level with a World Supersport spec Yamaha R6 and a healthy dose of skill, talent and bravery. His name is Corentin Perolari and is a former Red Bull Rookies Cup racer and now races for the GMT94 World Superbike team.

Starting his racing at the tender age of 4, Corentin works his way up from junior motocross through the ranks to eventually win the Yamaha YZF-R125 Cup. Now he’s racing on the world stage on his Yamaha R6, he seems to like to spend his spare time scaring the crap out of track day riders who ‘think’ they are fast.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that he is effortlessly passing much bigger, more powerful bikes on the inside, the outside and down the straights. If ever you were thinking of doing a track day at Magny Cours and wanted to see what the optimum line is – you’d be hard pushed to find a better example than this video.

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