Haslam wind-tunnel tests S1000RR

Hi-tech development for BMW's WSB racer

LEON HASLAM has been in BMW's wind tunnel in Germany, testing the aerodynamics of the team's 2011 S1000RR World Superbike racer ahead of next year's WSB series.

The development programme of the WSB-spec BMW S1000RR follows on from last week's test session at Aragon circuit, Spain. Haslam declared the two-day test a success but said the session was hampered by limited track time due to decreasing light and low temperatures.

"The riding position is a main factor for the aerodynamic efficiency of the overall package of rider and bike", says Rainer Bäumel, Technical Director Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport. "The positions of the head and the upper body, of elbows, knees and feet can have an enormous influence on the drag, and subsequently on lap times. Of course, there is not one position that is the optimum for all riders, because it all depends on so many different individual factors, beginning with height and stature. The intensive work in the wind tunnel enabled Troy and Leon to find out what riding position is the best for them personally."

"At the same time we try to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the bike as much as possible within the strict technical regulations", Bäumel continues. "This is why we evaluated several different shapes and positions of the wind shield. We collected a lot of valuable data that will help us with the set up of the bike for the next tests."

Haslam will test the S1000RR again at Jerez and Portimao before the end of the year.