Update on Petricola after NW200 crash

Petricola critical, but stable and expected to make a full recovery

ICE Valley Motorsave rider Franck Petricola crashed yesterday in the first Superstock practice session at Primrose corner on the North West 200 circuit.

The 31-year-old newcomer was airlifted to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast after being treated on the course and is said to be critical, but stable.

Ice Valley team owner Paul Shoesmith has issued this statement publicly on Facebook: “I need to let everyone know about Franck to stop the gossip and rumours. Franck had a heavy crash at primrose corner in the Superstock practise. He was treated immediately by the fantastic circuit doctor at the track side. He was unconscious but vital signs were all good.

“He was sedated and put on a ventilator to look after him and he was soon airlifted to Belfast royal.The doctors main concern was head injury. The next few hours were difficult for us all but the hospital came back with news after his scans and told us that he did have a knock to the head and a bruise on the brain but nothing serious.

Continuing, Shoesmith explained: “They went on to tell us of his further injuries which they said were all revocable. He has a break in his neck which is not dangerous and will heal with no affect. Both arms have breaks, both legs have breaks.

“He has a collapsed lung with is now inflated and doing well, Some chest injury which will heal in time.Some breaks need surgery which they think will be done today as it's easier on the body to do while he is sedated. He will be under sedation for at least another 72 hours to allow his body to settle into the natural healing process.

“Although these are terrible injuries, doctors say he will fully recover from this."