IOMTT: Wednesday's practice cut short

Practice red flagged due to crash, weather conditions prevented restart

IFFY conditions led to a delay at the start of Wednesday’s Isle of Man TT practice which was the unfortunately red flagged after one lapw as completed due to a crash at the top of Barregarrow.

Michael Dunlop and Ian Hutchinson were first on the road on their Superbike machines, whilst Conor Cummins chose to take his Superstock Honda for a lap first and Bruce Anstey opted for his 600cc Supersport bike.

From a standing start Dunlop completed a lap at 128.690mph with Guy Martin also in the 128mph bracket, but slightly slower.

Michael’s older brother William Dunlop crossed the line with a 127.911mph lap as Dean Harrison his fastest lap of the week so far at 126.521mph.

Gary Johnson was on course for at least a 125mph lap, but unfortunately had mechanical issues retiring at Douglas Road Corner.

Peter Hickman has continued to impress at his first Isle of Man TT recording a lap of 117.895mph whilst Martin Jessopp’s lap was about 2mph slower. Phil Crowe and former Moto3 rider Danny Webb completed their fastest laps of the week at 113.9mph and 112.2mph respectively.  

Anstey topped the timesheets for the Supersport machine at 123.127mph, however rain had started to fall heavily at Ramsey and various other places on the mountain.
With twenty TT wins to his name John McGuinness completely a lap according to conditions with a 122.87mph lap, slower than previous evenings.

Shortly after riders had started their first flying lap of the evening the session was red flagged due to an incident at the top of Barregarrow involving newcomer Laurent Hoffmann. The Ice Valley rider was airlifted to Nobles hospital for further assessment, but is suspected to have leg injuries.

A road sweeper was deployed to the incident to remove any debris on the road, but weather conditions had deteriorated and the Clerk of the Course made the decision to cancel the rest of the evening’s practice.

1. Michael Dunlop BMW/BMW/Hawk Racing 17:35.470 128.690mph
2. Guy Martin Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 17:40.722 128.052mph
3. William Dunlop Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 17:41.898 127.911mph
4. Michael Rutter BMW/Bathams Prize Winning Ales 17:51.887 126.719mph
5. Dean Harrison Kawasaki/RC Express racing by MSS Performance 17:53.558 126.521mph
6. Dan Stewart Honda/SMT / WILCOCK Racing 17:59.327 125.845mph
7. Ian Hutchinson Yamaha/Milwaukee Yamaha 18:03.463 125.365mph
8. Joshua Brookes Yamaha/Milwaukee Yamaha 18:12.768 124.297mph
9. John McGuinness Honda/Honda Racing 18:29.870 122.382mph
10. Steve Mercer Suzuki/TTC 18:32.756 122.064mph


1. Conor Cummins Honda/RAF Reserves Racing 17:55.715 126.268mph
2. Daniel Cooper Kawasaki/Tsingtao WK HMQ 18:40.788 121.190mph
3. Ryan Kneen Kawasaki/Charmer Builders Ltd 18:48.103 120.404mph
4. Horst Saiger Kawasaki/ Kawasaki 18:48.576 120.353mph
5. Jimmy Storrar BMW/ 18:48.880 120.321mph
6. Ivan Lintin Honda/Taylor Lindsey Racing 18:48.936 120.315mph
7. Stefano Bonetti Kawasaki/Speed Motor 18:51.826 120.008mph
8. Paul Owen Honda/Team #98 19:01.676 118.972mph
9. James Cowton Honda/STEVE PARKIN 19:07.547 118.364mph
10. Lee Johnston Honda/ 19:07.704 118.348mph


1. Bruce Anstey Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motorcycle 18:23.158 123.127mph
2. Keith Amor Honda/RigDeluge Honda 18:41.885 121.071mph
3. Dan Kneen Honda/Cookstown B.E.Racing 18:44.435 120.797mph
4. Daniel Hegarty Yamaha/Barnes Racing 19:16.774 117.420mph
5. Ian Pattinson Weardale Racing/Weardale Racing Ltd 19:16.880 117.409mph
6. Michal Dokoupil Yamaha/Motopoint Indi Racing Team 19:17.609 117.335mph
7. Robert Barber Honda/ECONOLOFT 19:21.116 116.981mph
8. David Johnson Yamaha/CD Racing / 4 Anjels / Proseal UK 19:21.991 116.892mph
9. Robert Wilson Yamaha/Stoddart Racing Oban 19:29.112 116.180mph
10. Oliver Linsdell Flitwick Yamaha/SMV / Steve Bond 19:30.521 116.041mph